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Why choose a UK based payroll provider?

Posted on 8th November 2018
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Why should you use a UK base payroll company?

You’ve probably read our post on the benefits of having a payroll company to process your payroll for you. If you haven’t check it out here. If you have, here’s a quick refresher on the key points:

You’ll save yourself time, save yourself money and guarantee all-important compliance. You can also rest assured that you’ll reduce your risk of data leaks, reduce your risk of errors (that are usually rather expensive), reduce recruitment costs and even save yourself on training too.

But why should you pick a UK based payroll provider instead of an overseas provider?


We Live and Breathe It

We live and breathe payroll in the UK, it’s what we do – minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day. Every tax change that happens – we know about – inside out.


Time Zones and Speed

This might sound unimportant – if your payroll is processed it’s processed? Right? Well, if it’s going smoothly that’s fine. But if, and when, you run into an issue it might take you longer to rectify. When an issue arises with payroll, it’s always time sensitive – you can’t leave someone without their wages and if your overseas provider is hours ahead it could be the difference between making that late payment or not.



Strong relationships make life easier, you’re more likely to be open, be yourself and problems get solved more quickly. There’s less ‘Dear Brian’ and more problem solving.


Jargon Busting

A UK based provider is going to understand the way things are done in the UK (the culture) and can simplify even the most complicated topics – just because they’ll understand you and your needs better.

If you’re considering a UK based payroll provider or even an overseas one (hang on!) we’d love to hear from you – we’re sure we can help you out – Get in touch here.





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