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Posted on 26th November 2018
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The Pains of Payroll And How To Ease Them

The pains of payroll are real and not only do we understand, it’s why Ezy Solutions do what we do, but we love taking the pain of payroll away from other people and freeing them up to do what they do best.


What to expect

When you’re running a recruitment agency with lots of temporary workers, each with their own income levels, tax liabilities, national insurance contributions and possibly expenses – your staff’s time can quickly be eaten up by all of the nitty gritty admin.

That’s before you even think about some of these headaches waiting to happen:

  • Auto-enrolment: Pensions are applicable for even temporary or seasonal workers. How much should they be contributing and how much should you be matching their contributions?
  • Payroll is critical: Whether you’re big or small payroll is critical. If your payroll guru is unexpectedly sick or off work on your processing day – the job doesn’t get done. Can you afford for this to happen?
  • Complex calculations can easily become complex miscalculations. Not only do these mistakes cost your workers but they can cost you too. The costs might be more than just your reputation too – with consistent payroll errors potentially leading to fines and penalties imposed by HMRC.
  • Compliance. It’s unescapable and ever more important.
  • Systems: At some point in time you’re going to change software and you’re going to need to train your staff to use the new system. This downtime all adds up and can cause delays for your customers.

Why is all that important? Well, now there is an alternative to struggling through the burden of payroll by yourself. We’ve been working to make the challenge of payroll Ezy for all of our customers. Not only do you save time, money and free up your staff, but you get to focus on your business again, but this time without the pain of payroll. Contact us now to find out what we can do for you.

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